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Growing Local Expertise

26 April 2018|

The only way that maintaining a 20 acre property was going to work was with a strict demarcation of labour between Murray and me. Consequently, Murray has responsibility for everything ‘inside’, and I have responsibility

Where There is Love, There is Life

22 February 2018|

In generations past, couples would usually marry in their local church, and then celebrate at a local hall or restauarant. In the age of adventure and travel, however, ‘destination’ weddings’ have become a preferred option

Indulge in a Little Something Extra…

24 January 2018|

When you go on holiday, you want to be indulged. Pampered. Spoilt. And at ‘Somewhere Unique’ we are all about being indulged, pampered, and spoilt. A few days away in the tranquillity of nature is

Refreshing Luxury

15 November 2017|

‘Somewhere Unique’ has only 5-star ratings by our guests on TripAdvisor. Similarly, our guests have been equally as generous on Facebook. Although we are incredibly proud of the consistently positive reviews from our guests we

Wollombi 2017 Sculpture in the Vineyards

30 October 2017|

‘Somewhere Unique’ is a proud sponsor of the ‘Wollombi 2017 Sculpture in the Vineyards’. Currently in its 15th year, the event runs from Saturday 28 October to Sunday 3 December, and exhibits are staged in

A Secret Recipe of ‘Somewhere Unique’

29 August 2017|

By booking the ‘Winter Warmer’ package at 'Somewhere Unique' you and your partner arrive to twinkling candles throughout your private couples retreat as you discover a generous dinner hamper of rich homemade soup, delicious pork

Visit Wollombi – Online!

23 June 2017|

You may have already noticed that a newly redeveloped 'Visit Wollombi' website went live recently at: The former site received upwards of more than 5000 user visit per month and was the online 'face'

Experience the Rich History of Wollombi

29 May 2017|

Murray and I are frequently overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the Wollombi Valley. However, many people from outside the area don’t realise that just as captivating is the rich history of the area.  Many

Enjoy a ‘Taste of Wollombi’

25 April 2017|

Murray and I are constantly proud of, and excited by, the range and richness of annual festivals and events held throughout the Wollombi Valley. These celebrations pull the community together in cooperative spirit and attract

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