At ‘Somewhere Unique’ efficiency is as important as effectiveness. And success depends on both. Often our retreats turn around quickly with sometimes only hours between guests leaving and the next guests arriving and so we need to work as a tight efficient and effective team to ensure our standards and quality are never compromised.

The success of ‘Somewhere Unique’ is supported by a hardworking team of three operating behind the scenes based on a clear division of labour.

Murray’s role is to manage the bookings, the bookwork, and to source suppliers. He has now been doing these tasks for five years and has developed methodologies which ensure a smooth booking and check-in process for all guests. Ehen booking. Murray correspond with guests to personalise and tailoring their stay by asking specific questions regarding preferences regarding food, wine, activities, and comfort. He also ensures that the food and drinks awaiting the guests in their retreat is of the highest freshest quality that can be found. Murray also does the final checks in setting up the retreats for arriving guests, ensuring lights on, music is playing, heaters / air conditioning is on, and the retreat exudes a warm, welcoming, luxury ambience.

David’s role is to tend to the property. Everything exterior around the retreats is within his responsibility. Prior to guest arriving, David meticulously checks the water tank levels to ensure there is a sufficient supply of water, especially to fill the two-person baths featured in each retreat. David must also check the levels of natural gas supplying heaters, stovetops, and water heating, ensuring that cannisters are full with plentiful reserves. David also maintains the natural bushland gardens ensuring they are neat and that the grassed areas surrounding the retreats are mown and tidy. David even writes to the welcome message on the whiteboards at each retreat to ensure the guests feel at home immediately on their arrival.

Most importantly, Alessia is responsible for the cleaning of the retreats. The appearance of the retreats and the pristine nature of each room is paramount to the success of ‘Somewhere Unique’. Alessia has been working at ‘Somewhere Unique’ for 10 years and remains an integral and essential member of the small energetic team. Alessia is an expert at her job and takes great responsibility in ensuring the retreats are immaculate. She has an enduring schedule which ensures that each room of each retreat is transformed into a spotless haven prior to the arrival of guests. With great pride and hard work Alessia ensures that the reputation of the ‘Somewhere Unique’ retreats remains impeccable.

Although the work is continuous and ongoing, every six months there is an exhaustive Spring and Autumn clean. This involves all three team members converging on each retreat for a full day of intensive deep cleaning. The outside walls are scrubbed, all external surfaces are pressure-cleaned, and inside everything from the ceiling fans to under the beds is thoroughly cleaned and completely refreshed. The six monthly clean ensures that every area of each retreat remains in pristine condition.

Now having worked closely together and relying on each other for more than 5 years, the success of this team ensures the proud success of ‘Somewhere Unique’.