At ‘Somewhere Unique’ it is critical that our guests have a voice in determining their experience and throughout their stay. Of course, all guests can reach us immediately by phone or email if required, but by completing our Guest Survey they can provide input into the ongoing enhancement and future development of ’Somewhere Unique’.

We are pleased that around 85% of guests choose to complete the Guest Survey during their stay at ‘Somewhere Unique’. We treat these Guest Surveys with importance and priority. Foer example, if an issue is raised or a suggestion is made we follow-up with the guest and ensure they are satisfied with the outcome. But it is the accumulation of the Guest Survey data, however, that is critical in shaping the ‘Somewhere Unique’ future. At the end of every financial year we meticulously collate all the input provided in the hundred plus Guest Surveys which are submitted annually. Such collation provides an insight into patterns of behaviour and the profiles of our guests – and the outcomes are always interesting and very useful.

Following the collation of the 2018/19 Guest Surveys we discovered that:

  • 31% of our guests come to ‘Somewhere Unique’ purely for the purpose of relaxing. As a result, we seek to ensure the environment of the retreats is as peaceful and serene as possible.
  • One quarter of our guests stay at ‘Somewhere Unique’ to celebrate a birthday. This is a phenomenon that has been increasing over recent years.
  • Only 2% of our guests come to ‘Somewhere Unique’ to visit local vineyards. Despite being situated in Australia’s original wine growing area, the vineyards are not specifically the drawcard, although they do provide a lovely setting.
  • 35% of our guests stay at ‘Somewhere Unique’ because of its location. Being secluded in beautiful bushland and only a 2-minute bike ride from the most historic village in the Hunter Valley is an ideal reason to stay.
  • 18% of our guests choose to make a reservation at ‘Somewhere Unique’ because of our glowing 5-star ‘TripAdvisor’ reviews.
  • At least 15% of our guests are returning because of a previous stay – having so significantly enjoyed their first visit.
  • 10% of our guests choose to enjoy an in-house massage.
  • 42% of our guests dine at either Panino Café or Myrtle House Café in Wollombi throughout their stay.
  • We are proud that 100% of our guests say they will return to ’Somewhere Unique’ either in the future or within the next 12 months.
  • 27% of our guests are aged in their 20’s. 30% are aged in their 30’s. This demographic has shifted from an older age range over the past several years.

Overall, these statistics are useful for us to know and to properly understand our guests. We are able to create profiles of their needs and preferences, and obviously to address their particular preferences in the most suitable way. Our goal is to make each guest experience as personal and tailored as possible and the outcome of our Guest Surveys allow us to do this to greatest effect.

We also collect suggestions from the Guest Surveys which we might not have thought of ourselves. Additions to the retreats such as non-slip bath mats, bike baskets, sandwich toasters, and yoga mats have all been as a direct result of guest suggestions for which we are very grateful.

At ‘Somewhere Unique’ our approach is one of continuous improvement and so any and all input is important to the future of our business. We are grateful to our guests for being so honest, generous, and willing to provide their insightful views.

David and Murray