Guest health, safety, and comfort has always been our absolute priority at ‘Somewhere Unique’.

Although internationally Coronavirus struck suddenly, we have consistently remained pro-active in providing a safe environment for our guests. We continue to review and heighten our hygiene standards, where possible, and we consistently seek opportunities to intensify our sanitisation practices.

On a micro level, prior to every guest arrival, the retreat is subject to a deep clean and all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected, including remote controls, door handles, light switches, and even keys.

It has always been our approach that there is no check-in or check-out processes and all pre-ordered meals are ready in the guests retreat on arrival. Therefore, it is to the benefit of our guests that they need not interact with anyone throughout the entirety of their stay.

We are confident that these measures ensure that ‘Somewhere Unique’ remains an ideal destination for a luxury tranquil escape within a safe haven

However, and most importantly, our preparation and abundance of precaution has been collated within our comprehensive ‘COVID-19 Safety Plan’. The NSW government developed a useful template which has enabled us to ensure we are complying with the highest uniform standards. Our completed plan has been submitted to the NSW Government and, consequently, ‘Somewhere Unique’ has been granted governmental ‘COVID-Safe’ status.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan ensures that we have created and maintain the safest environment possible for our guests, our workers, and ourselves. We completed this plan in consultation with our employees and we have shared it widely.

We are confident that such actions described in the plan will support the slowing of the spread of COVID-19 and provide important reassurance to our guests that they can safely visit ‘Somewhere Unique’ and relax in a secure environment.

Obviously, we remain open to further health and safety initiatives as restrictions and advice changes and we have adjusted the plan on an ongoing basis to reflect such changes.

‘Somewhere Unique’ is committed to following all current COVID-19 Public Health Orders, and also to managing risks to staff and guests in accordance with Work Health and Safety laws.

A copy of our COVID-19 Safety Plan is available to guests in each of our retreats.

These are difficult times and so it is even more important that we offer a safe, care-free getaway for our guests in a tranquil luxurious environment, by adhering to the highest health and safety standards.


David & Murray