Murray and I are constantly proud of, and excited by, the range and richness of annual festivals and events held throughout the Wollombi Valley. These celebrations pull the community together in cooperative spirit and attract many new visitors to the area adding to the prosperity and diversity of the region.

One of the most highly anticipated events of the year is the annual ‘Taste of Wollombi’ festival, specifically conceived to showcase local produce and creativity. This festival brings together the diverse array of food, wine, and art grown and produced throughout the fertile Wollombi Valley, and along Tourist Drive 33.

The ‘Taste of Wollombi’ is held over two separate days which book-end the extensive ‘Hunter Valley Food & Wine Festival’ highlighting the best of the regions diverse food and wine culture.

The ‘Taste of Wollombi’ festival occurs along the vibrant and historic Wollombi main street and features stalls offering samples of jams, honey, oils, olives, fruit juice and much more, with a soundtrack provided by local bands and entertainers. Local vignerons and artisans are available to provide samplings of fine wines and delicious food. These treats complement the fare of the established main street cafés and restaurants in the village.

The Wollombi Valley’s vineyards have been producing fine wines in this region since the 1850′s, and although they can be explored along the Wollombi Valley Wine Trail, they are also showcased in the ‘Taste of Wollombi’ festival. The Wollombi Valley Wine Trail was established to promote the boutique vineyards along the Wollombi Brook, which follows part of the Great North Road built by convicts in the early 19th century. The vineyards along the wine trail are small operations personally operated by owners. Visitors are always welcome at any of the cellar doors, and especially as part of the ‘Taste of Wollombi’ festival.

Of course, one day in Wollombi may not be enough for the visitor, so the many cosy guesthouses and luxurious retreats, such as ‘Somewhere Unique’, will welcome you with wine, chocolates, tranquillity, and a crackling fire.

The ‘Taste of Wollombi’ is a Wollombi Valley Chamber of Commerce event and is being widely promoted by ‘Hunter Valley Wine & Tourism Association’, ‘Destination NSW’ and across a vast range of tourism websites and social media.

The ‘Taste of Wollombi’ festival will be held on Sunday 28 May and Sunday 25 June from 10am to 4pm in the Wollombi village.

Murray and I look forward to enjoying the festival with you.