‘Somewhere Unique’ has recently been inducted into the TripAdvisor ‘Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame’.

Although there are many third party travel websites where guests review their experiences, TripAdvisor still retains a high level of respect and interaction. TripAdvisor is available in 49 markets and 28 languages and remains the world’s largest travel platform by assisting 490 million travellers every month. Travellers from around the world use the TripAdvisor site and App to browse more than 760 million reviews of 8.3 million accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines and cruises. ‘Somewhere Unique’ is merely one of these 8.3 million listings.

However, we have earned a TripAdvisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ every year for the past five years, and so we have now qualified for the ‘Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame’.

Since 2011, the TripAdvisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ honours businesses within the travel industry that deliver consistently the highest service standards. This designation is only presented to approximately 10% of total businesses on TripAdvisor which have consistently achieved great reviews over the previous year. There is no application process for the ‘Certificate of Excellence’, and the achievement can only be earned over time.

Specifically, to qualify for a ‘Certificate of Excellence’, an accommodation (Hotels, B&Bs / Inns, and Speciality Lodging), restaurant or experience must:
• Maintain an overall TripAdvisor rating of at least four out of five
• Have a minimum number of reviews
• Have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least twelve months.

Recipients of the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ are announced only once a year in late May.

To determine ‘Certificate of Excellence’ recipients, TripAdvisor uses a variety of user-generated content, having developed an algorithm that primarily takes into account the quality, quantity, and recency of user reviews, as well as the business’ tenure on the site.

With the launch of the 2019 ‘Certificate of Excellence’ campaign, TripAdvisor has now brought back the ‘Hall of Fame’ program, and businesses that have received a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for five consecutive years qualify. Specifically, this means 2019 ‘Certificate of Excellence’ recipients qualify if they were recognised in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

‘Somewhere Unique’ is very proud to have received this honour. We certainly don’t work hard for these awards – we work hard for our guests in ensuring their experiences are consistently perfect. Such awards, however, are welcome and supportive gestures which confirm that we are offering highest levels of service and quality.

Such awards are also a guarantee for our guests that their stay will be a special experience of quality and luxury.

We also never lose sight that it is the online reviews of our guests that provide much of our ongoing success – word-of-mouth still remains the best marketing approach. We are grateful to all our past and present guests for their support and positive feedback. We remain inspired by such feedback and motivated to welcome our guests back for return visits and to welcome new guests.

Our TripAdvisor ‘Hall of Fame’ Award is demonstrable evidence that the level of service offered to our guests will always remain outstanding.

Thank you

Murray and David