Despite a winter of discontent, at ‘Somewhere Unique’ we have busily been preparing for the eventual exciting return of our guests!

Having been forced to close throughout the Covid-19 lockdown in the Hunter Valley, we realised this was actually an excellent and rare time to review every facet of our accommodation to ensure we are providing the best possible offering to our guests.

We began by reviewing the online booking process, making some minor simplifications. We reviewed our website to ensure it fully conveyed the extent of the luxury and romance of a getaway to ‘Somewhere Unique’.

Obviously, and perhaps most importantly, we took an objective view of our two retreats, closely reviewing every facet inside and out to ensure that we are maximising every opportunity for our guests to have a truly memorable getaway. We deep cleaned every room in each retreat. Then we did the same on the outside. We scrubbed down the walls and the verandas, cleaned the outdoor furniture, renewed some accessories, and even thoroughly cleaned each roof of the retreats!

Consequently, we are confident that our business is the best we can make it. Of course, we are always keen and receptive to guest feedback, and we hope to make further improvements based on ongoing suggestions.

We believe, and our pasts guests agree, that ‘Somewhere Unique’ is a very special place: the peaceful location; the restful bush setting; he luxury of the retreats; the beautiful stroll to the most historic township in NSW.  Yes, ‘Somewhere Unique’ offers guests a rare and exceptional experience.

And now the retreats are refreshed and renewed and ready to receive guests when lockdown ends.

Lockdowns are difficult. But all we can do is to make the best of every situation. And we have chosen to use this time to ensure ‘Somewhere Unique’ remains the best – ‘Somewhere Unique;’ is still the #1 rated accommodation in the Wollombi Valley (according to TripAdvisor).

And soon we’ll be able to welcome you to ‘Somewhere Unique’ with renewed vigour, once we are all free to roam again. It will be an exciting time, and a time for meaningful and memorable experiences!

Please come and see us when you can!

David & Murray