‘Somewhere Unique’ has only 5-star ratings by our guests on TripAdvisor. Similarly, our guests have been equally as generous on Facebook. Although we are incredibly proud of the consistently positive reviews from our guests we are committed to continually improving and enhancing our retreats.

Although we constantly maintain both of the retreats to ensure they remain in pristine condition, both aesthetically and functionally, we are always encourage suggestions from guests which we are pleased to incorporate. Such recent ideas have included the provision of a sandwich toaster, supplying massage oils, and the inclusion of an additional luggage rack in each retreat. Each of these suggestions were incorporated immediately following the guest having made the suggestion. In fact, recently a guest arrived on a Saturday and enquired if we had a particular sports package available on Foxtel. We contacted Foxtel urgently and had the package installed within the hour. Thankfully the guest was able to enjoy his cherished sporting fixture that very afternoon.

A high proportion of our guests are return visitors to ‘Somewhere Unique’, many having stayed 3 or 4 times previous. To ensure returning guests enjoy the same luxurious quality and also a new experience, we regularly update most aspects of each retreat including the photos framed on the walls, the book collection, the music CDs, and movies on DVD.

We are also keen to ensure we only have the finest furnishings and equipment in each retreat, providing each guest with a thoroughly luxurious experience. Before guests arrive, we inspect all furniture and equipment to ensure there are no blemishes and there is full functionality. We regularly update all linen to maintain the highest quality of freshness. We also frequently renew pillows, cushions, and other soft furnishings. Recently, we replaced the sun lounges in both retreats to prepare for long lazy summer afternoons on the verandas.

We appreciate that over time tastes change and styles shift in terms of food and wine, so we ensure our food package menus remain varied, contemporary, and seasonal. We are not afraid to test new recipes and to tailor each food and wine package specifically to the tastes and preferences of each guest. Obviously vegan, vegetarian, glutton free and any other dietary requirements and fully catered for.

Change is welcome at ‘Somewhere Unique’, but we also ensure we retain that which makes each guest experience unique. And our task is to ensure every guest has a bespoke experience as luxurious and romantic as we can create. That is our job, and our guests should expect and deserve no less.

David & Murray