The early morning mist in the valley envelops the beautiful tall Eucalypts.  The kangaroos join their mobs for their first meal of the day in the paddocks along Narone Creek Road, whilst birds call across the valley singing their joy for the day ahead.  Listen for the plaintive cry of the black cockatoo and the whip bird that signals spring/summer is on its way. Visiting the Wollombi Valley is a wonderful experience, a place to relax, unwind and slowly wake to the sounds of the bush.

The Groundsman and I are enjoying sitting on the deck watching the little finches and blue fairy wrens dart in and out of the water fountain.  Whilst king parrots, cockatoos and young magpies vie for the seed on the bird table.   We are planting for spring and looking forward to the gardens flourishing in the coming months.  We love it here and are sure you will too.


Julia & The Groundsman (Nick)