Although we all complain about the distraction and interruption to daily life that our iPhone, iPad and laptop obsessions cause, it is often easy to overlook that the online world, and specifically social media, serves a very valuable purpose.

Operating a very small business does not allow for the luxury of an extensive marketing budget. Social media, however, has become the essential and relatively inexpensive way to communicate to a broad audience in a targeted way.

By understanding the demographics, tastes, preferences, and needs of the guests and potential guests of ‘Somewhere Unique’ we can tailor our conversation through various social media channels to reach those who might most benefit. Thoroughly understanding our guests and potential guests provides us the insight to speak directly through social media.

And it is not just us doing the speaking! Social media is a network of conversations, and so we converse with our followers. Good communication is two-way, and we benefit by improving our services through both input and feedback.

Through the real-time immediacy of social media we understand instantly if we are satisfying the informational needs of our followers. Immediate feedback is incredibly valuable to our performance, especially as we are extremely nimble and flexible in addressing client needs to provide a richer experience for all.

Again, being a small business, word-of-mouth referrals are critical to our success, and social media is the electronic equivalent of this age-old practice. A satisfied guest can become a valuable marketing ambassador, when supported by platforms such as TripAdvisor and Facebook.

If ‘Somewhere Unique’ and Wollombi haven’t yet been experienced in person, social media provides an excellent interim substitute because the Wollombi Valley is a truly visual experience. The appeal to visit is heightened by the photos and information we frequently post in sharing the natural beauty and authentic lifestyle of the Wollombi Valley.

At ‘Somewhere Unique’ we are seeking to involve our guests and potential guests through:

We encourage you to sign up to each of these channels to remain informed, involved, and inspired through our regular postings of photos and informative updates, and to regularly interact and provide us with your feedback!

David & Murray