This place is wonderful. We are campers / bushwalkers from way back so for us the setting is magical – with all the benefit of luxury! The wind in the gums, the birds, the kangaroos, and such total privacy! By the way, am wrapped in the architecture. Love the corrugated roof, ceiling and walls, the bamboo floor. Bob loved the kitchen hinges! The bathroom design is a monument to creativity – the king size bath with views, the brown feature walls to break up the white, the half walls for toilet and shower – how original, and the non-parallel walls! We haven’t met a soul today and don’t feel lonely. Have spent the day reading, resting and painting and plan a bike ride to the village this afternoon. So we’re pretty stoked and would love to return. Congratulations on all your environmental awards and achievements with this property. It’s wonderful to see people like you caring for our planet’s future. If only all of us could follow such example.