It was only a mere six months ago that we were excited to be reopening following an assault by ferocious destructive bushfires. The Wollombi valley had been in peril and was only saved by the brave men and women of the volunteer fire brigade and a short window of harmonious weather conditions.

Now, in June 2020 we have just reopened again following the most devastating global virus in the past century.

With ‘Somewhere Unique’ not having been closed previously, we could never have envisaged such devastating effects from one dire event, let alone two consecutive existential acts of nature which caused us to close twice in six months.

The common positive element in both of these awful scenarios, however, has been the ongoing support and loyalty we have received from our guests.

Following the bushfires, we were anxious about our reopening: Would guests confidently return? On reopening we immediately experienced our most successful month in terms of guests and forward bookings. Guests returned and booked in record numbers. And such a result humbled us and gave us much needed optimism after such a devastating period.

Unfortunately, our buoyancy was short lived because only two months later Coronavirus invaded Australia and the economy was being systematically shut down. By April, ‘Somewhere Unique’ was closed again and, concerningly, this time the closure was indefinite.

To rally our spirits, we decided to treat this period as an enforced break and we set about making ourselves busy by undertaking a variety of tasks aimed towards reviewing, refreshing, and renewing every aspect of the retreats.

In accordance with government regulations, ‘Somewhere Unique’ finally reopened on Monday 1st June. Again, we were anxious about bookings: Would guests still want a getaway to the country? But happily yet again our fears were unfounded as bookings were fast and exuberant. Within two weeks of reopening, June and July were fully booked and forward bookings were very positive.

We can never doubt the support and enthusiasm of our guests.

This year every aspect of our business has been thoroughly tested, especially our willpower and resilience. Fortunately, we are still here, we are still very enthusiastic, the retreats have never been so luxurious, and our guests have never been more loyal or supportive.

We always place our guests at the centre of our business. And for that our reward is the warm support and patronage of guests.

The benefits to us of ‘Somewhere Unique’ are many, but mostly they come from the backing we receive through ongoing bookings and the positive feedback we receive from satisfied and fulfilled guests.

We will always strive to maintain the highest of standards and we are now confident that our future potential guests will continue to support our dedication.

Thank you.

David & Murray