Living in beautiful rural surrounds Murray and I obviously love and respect nature and care deeply about our fragile environment. We try to ensure that our lifestyle enhances and assists nature, living in harmony with our surrounds. Therefore, at ‘Somewhere Unique’ environmental sustainability is a critical aspect of our lifestyle, business, and service philosophy.

Our overall goal is to achieve long-term sustainability and ongoing preservation of the natural environment.

The strategies to achieve this goal that we have developed include:

  • Monitoring our carbon footprint
  • Reducing the amount of energy consumed on the property
  • And to constantly maintain and invigorate the natural bushland.

The ways we adhere to these strategies include:

1. Monitoring and reducing, where possible, energy use by utilising:

• 3kW of solar electricity to predominately power the Retreats, providing a large proportion of the energy needs of guests.
• Cross-flow air ventilation and ceiling fans reduce the need for air-conditioning.
• Energy efficient light globes, where appropriate.
• 6-star rated air-conditioning units utilising inverter technology.
• Instant gas hot water.

2. Reducing water usage by utilising:

• ‘Smart Flush technology’ toilets.
• Collecting and using only rain water for all water needs (with storage of over 170,000 litres on the property).
• Front-loading washing machines.
• Two Garden Master Bio-Logic waste water treatment plants, which recycle waste water to provide irrigation for gardens.
• Use of drought-tolerant native plants in landscaping (which also encourage bird life)

3. Minimising all waste by:

• Recycling newspapers, cardboard, glass bottles, PET plastic, steel cans, aluminium cans, and printer cartridges (and guests are asked to separate these items from general waste).
• Composting all food scraps.
• Composting and / or disposing of all lawn clippings, tree trimmings and other green waste on the property.

4. Clever design and construction of dwellings, such as

• Designing the retreats to utilise passive solar architecture principles, making the best use of the sun’s energy.
• Installation of large north facing windows that let in the low winter sun, and roof overhangs that keep out the high summer sun.
• Using a large proportion of building materials which are steel, one of the world’s most recycled products
• Using Low-E glass used to reflect the long wave heat radiation back into the rooms during winter, and reflecting the heat outside during summer.
• Installation of bamboo timber flooring which is sustainably sourced, fast growing, rapidly renewable, and producing low manufacturing waste.
• Using bespoke timber furniture built using ecoSelect hardwood.

5. Engaging Suppliers with an environmentally friendly focus, such as:

• Using stationery that is printed on recycled paper, using environmentally sound printing methods.
• Using rubbish bin liners and compost bags used that are biodegradable.
• Wherever possible, engaging suppliers that are local. 78% of our suppliers are currently located within 50 kilometres of ‘Somewhere Unique’.

6. Maintaining appropriate Accreditation, such as:

• Nature Tourism EcoCertified by Ecotourism Australia
• Climate Action Innovator certification by Sustainable Tourism Australia
• Eco-Friendly STAR Accreditation by AAA Tourism

Our planet needs all the help it can get to provide a healthy lifestyle for future generations. We hope that you will support us in our endeavour to tread lightly and respect our beautiful natural surrounds. For more information about our commitment, please click here.

David & Murray