At ‘Somewhere Unique’ we are constantly seeking new innovative ways to offer our guests a greater range indulgent experiences through the ongoing sourcing and support of local businesses.

One of our most popular guest packages is the Hunter Valley Pamper Package, largely because it includes the experience of two one-hour in-house massages in the serenity of our own retreats. The massages are provided by local expert remedial massage therapist, Jo, owner of Hunter Massage Co. Jo has a dedication to assisting guests move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

Owing to the success of offering in-house massages, we have recently formed a relationship with another local business offering additional remedial pampering treatments.

And so, we are very excited to introduce to our guests, InsideOut Wellness.

When seeking further indulgence and wellness support beyond a remedial massage, we now invite our guests to make an appointment for a treatment at InsideOut Wellness, located 25 minutes away at Cessnock.

This exciting new wellness centre, operated by owner, Selena, offers a range of indulgent wellness therapies to address every possible need. Treatments include Sauna, Float Therapy, and commencing soon, Colon Hydrotherapy, and Biomat Treatments. The centre is beautifully appointed and decorated in a calming serene style with professional personalised service.

The Sauna treatment uses a new advanced Solocarbon 3-in-1® sauna technology which provides the holistic benefits of near, mid, and far infrared, providing soothing, renewing, healing for the body and soul. This technology does not rely on antiquated oppressive steam, but a new clean infrared technology for your ultimate comfort and safety, providing benefits that include detoxification, weight loss, and overall healing.

Additionally, a world of peace and wellbeing is to be found in the personal flotation Dreampod™. This futuristic pod, through effortless floatation in natural salts, offers mental and physical healing through the removal of external stimuli, distractions, and stress, to maximise the body’s own restorative forces. Medical benefits include alleviation of conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Colon Hydrotherapy treatment, which will commence soon, will offer an ultra-personal and private session, supervised to your own personally paced and guided therapy. This deep and hygienic cleanse experience is a key medical-grade step towards personal vitality.

The bio-enhancing and regenerating treatment, also commencing soon, will use amethyst crystal and medium ‘human’ infrared rays that, according to NASA research, normalises vital physiological functions.

Through a tailored personalised combination of these treatments, benefits gained may include weight loss, detoxification, pain relief and blood pressure normalisation, peace of mind, improved mental health and general healing and improved wellbeing.

As well as having access to Jo’s expertise, from Hunter Massage Co, available for expert remedial massage in our guest retreats, we now also encourage our guests to contact Selena and her team of experts, at the InsideOut Wellness Centre to arrange a truly indulgent and pampered wellbeing experience.

David & Murray