We receive many questions from potential guests about the interiors of our two retreats, especially regarding layout, facilities, styling, and size. And, we are always looking for ways to improve our service to guests and potential guests. So, we were keen to seek out cutting-edge technology which could produce an online virtual tour to showcase the surrounds and interior of our retreats.

Virtual reality has been developing rapidly since 2010 when the first prototype consumer equipment was introduced. And virtual reality has reached a developmental threshold where it will soon be an important part of all of our lives. In fact, virtual reality has become so accessible that it’s on track to become annually a $29.7 billion dollar industry by 2020, and is already transforming the real estate and accommodation industries.

Using this technology, accommodation providers (such as ‘Somewhere Unique’) can now install on their websites a comprehensive interactive visual tour of guest accommodation.

The virtual tour of one of our retreats will soon be posted on our website, but in the meantime, please enjoy a preview, and have a wander through our Lowanna retreat by .

To record and produce the virtual walk-through we approached Daniel Rayner, Managing Director of Queensland-based firm, ‘Virtual Inspections’. Daniel visited our property and photographically recorded every facet of the Lowanna retreat and, after applying some incredible technological magic, he produced a virtual tour allowing the viewer to comprehensively inspect the retreat online.

By utilising the latest in digital technology, we are now able to offer our guests and potential guests a more comprehensive, integrated, and dynamic understanding of the beauty and functionality of our retreats.

We encourage you to enjoy the tour, but we are keen to point out that although this technology is quite stunning it cannot rival an actual ‘Somewhere Unique’ getaway!


David & Murray