You may have already noticed that a newly redeveloped ‘Visit Wollombi’ website went live recently at:

The former site received upwards of more than 5000 user visit per month and was the online ‘face’ of the Wollombi Valley. The new site will capitalise on the past success of the former site and improve the profile of the Wollombi Valley even further. This will also make it even easier for potential visitors to know what is available throughout the Valley and provide an exciting range of accommodation and event options, which can all simply be booked through the site.

The Wollombi Valley Chamber of Commerce is responsibility for the new website, which is seen as a key deliverable for the Chamber. From the information collected through the Annual Membership Survey, three important projects were identified: the development of a new Wollombi Valley logo; the redevelopment of the ‘Visit Wollombi’ website (to reflect the new logo and consolidate the Valleys’ identity, while offering a more contemporary online look for the Valley); and new informational signage reflecting the new logo. Each of these projects seeks to provide the Wollombi Valley with a unified identity to make a clear impact on, and to appeal to, potential visitors to the area.

Contemporary websites only reach their full potential if they remain dynamic. And so the new website is seen as a noticeboard rather than a static billboard. The site will keep evolving, through constant updates and contributions from a wide range of sources. Therefore there are a some exciting new features included on this website:

  • A dedicated ‘Deals’ page, featuring innovative deals to attract visitors to Wollombi. Such deals will involve accommodation options, and also the cafes, restaurants and local wineries.
  • A ‘sign-up’ feature for visitors to submit their details onto the Newsletter mailing list. This electronic Newsletter will be issued seasonally, 4 times a year. The Newsletter will feature upcoming events and special deals with a single purpose of encouraging potential visitors to come to Wollombi.
  • A Blog which will be published each month focussing on the many special events and interesting developments in Wollombi.

The next stage is to develop a promotional plan for launching the website, which will involve promotions across all of the Chambers online channels (Instagram, Facebook etc.).

This is an exciting development for the Chamber of Commerce and for the Wollombi Valley. Please visit the site, and then visit Wollombi! We hope you like the website.

David & Murray