A new logo has been designed to provide a unified promotional image for the Wollombi Valley. The Wollombi Valley Chamber of Commerce, working to promote the area and to increase tourism, commissioned the design of the new logo for use by all businesses throughout the Valley.

The Chamber recognised that unity is critical to the success of tourism in the Valley and that having a representational, inclusive logo is a positive and important step toward this goal. The logo was launched in February and was well received by the local residents and businesses. The Chamber is merely the custodian of the logo, because it belongs to the people of the Wollombi Valley.

Interestingly, most distinct areas throughout the Valley already were represented by their own sub-logos, for example, Wollombi village has a graphic featuring a Waterhen and Laguna village has a graphic incorporating a Wombat. The Chamber was not seeking to replace these established images, rather, the new overarching logo complements and unifies the existing sub-logos of all villages and groups within the Valley.

The bespoke logo has been created to capture the essence of the Wollombi Valley – it is organic but bold with a clean and confident character, inspired by the uniqueness of the area. The colour palette represents mature, stylish and contemporary colours inspired from the region. And the logo contains much symbolic meaning. For instance, the overall silhouette follows the curve of Mount Yengo, and the shapes at the base of the image represent the wildlife, wilderness, the convict history, and vineyards of the area. These markings also importantly pay tribute to the indigenous heritage and the rich aboriginal culture of the Valley.

‘Somewhere Unique’ has embraced the logo, and it is already featured on our website. Very soon residents and visitors to the area will initially notice the proliferation of the logo on all directional and informational signage throughout the Valley. The Chambers aim, of course, is to ensure the image is eventually ubiquitous and synonymous with the Wollombi Valley. Ultimately the image should be foremost in the minds of tourists as an identifier of this historic, cultural, and beautiful place for a mid-week break or a romantic weekend getaway.