In generations past, couples would usually marry in their local church, and then celebrate at a local hall or restauarant. In the age of adventure and travel, however, ‘destination’ weddings’ have become a preferred option where couples take a holiday to a beautiful locale bringing their family and friends to celebrate, often for a week or more. In recent years, the Wollombi Valley has become such a destination for weddings. With its quaint main street of century old buildings, to its rolling tree-lined hills dotted with luxurious wedding venues, Wollombi is ideal for a romantic commemoration and celebration.

Recently, the Wollombi Valley Chamber of Commerce convened a ‘Wedding Business Seminar’ to ensure that the region is providing every aspect of a modern wedding now sought by brides and grooms, and to ensure the area continues to grow as a preferred wedding destination. Attended by more than 30 wedding venue owners, wedding coordinators, accommodation providers, caterers, restaurant and cafe vendors, vignerons, and retailers, the seminar was a positive and enthusiastic open-discussion.

For example, Matt from ‘Redleaf’, a luxurious wedding venue on the outskirts of Wollombi, offered his venue as a case study for the seminar. ‘Redleaf’ has a reputation for perfect weddings, not only because it is the perfect venue, but also because the owners have specifically engaged as many other local supporting businesses as possible to provide products and services for their weddings enabling ‘Redleaf’ to provide an ultimate wedding experience of romantic opulence.
From the seminar, a tangible and constructive list of outcomes is now being addressed by the Chamber, and the community, to ensure Wollombi offers everything required for a perfect wedding.

As the owners of one of the most romantic and luxurious accommodation options in the Valley, we played a leading role in the seminar. Although ‘Somewhere Unique’ is not a specific wedding venue, we regularly host brides, grooms, bridal party couples, parents, and wedding invitees as guests. And frequently, our retreats are booked by honeymooning couples seeking post-wedding romance and serenity.

At ‘Somewhere Unique’ we have formed mutual business networks with wedding providers and suppliers throughout the Valley to ensure that Wollombi offers a complete package for couples choosing to celebrate their marriage here. Accordingly, the businesses of the Wollombi Valley are working together to ensure all the needs of marrying couples are addressed, by linking together a vast range of romance products, services, and experiences.

Audrey Hepburn said ”If I get married, I want to be very married” and, although Audrey never made it to the Wollombi Valley, we share her sentiment. A wedding should be very romantic, very memorable and set a very beautiful tone for the marriage. When couples exchange vows with the backing of the entire business community of the Wollombi Valley, they become ‘very married’.

With the support of the entire village, a Wollombi wedding is the happiest and most romantic experience for a destination wedding. And “Somewhere Unique’ provides accommodation that reflects these notions and extends the romance well beyond the wedding.

David & Murray