‘Somewhere Unique’ is a proud sponsor of the ‘Wollombi 2017 Sculpture in the Vineyards’. Currently in its 15th year, the event runs from Saturday 28 October to Sunday 3 December, and exhibits are staged in and around the Wollombi village and at three hosting boutique vineyards – Undercliff Winery, Noyce Brothers Wines and Stonehurst Cedar Creek.

This annual Sculpture event transforms the picturesque Wollombi Valley into a beautiful outdoor art gallery. Sweeping panoramic landscapes throughout the Valley are punctuated by contemporary and challenging works of art in many forms and using a variety of media. In each location an opportunity is provided to sample premium wines and local produce. And a bespoke range of public programmes for children and families, wine and art lovers, or lovers in general are on offer. During the festival visitors can enhance their exhibition experience through guided tours, artist talks, artist-led workshops and degustation tours.

With 44 exhibits, this year’s showcase is a pastiche of natural creativity and unnatural beauty. Each work makes a powerful statement about environment, our struggles, our future, and the interpretation of art.

This year’s winning sculpture by Gavin Vitullo is titled, ‘Breathe’. It provides a jolting contemplation that our species is ignoring the importance of sustaining the very life that sustains us – the risk of living our lives in the current form will mean that ultimately a single breath may not be a surety. This fascinating work, and many others, is currently on display at Stonehurst Cedar Creek Wines.

The opening address of the festival was delivered by Judith White, former Executive Director Art Gallery Society, NSW. Judith is also the author of ‘Culture Heist: Art vs Money’ which breaks the silence about the covert struggle at the heart of our cultural institutions: the conflict between the public good and the forces of corporatisation.

Throughout her time in Wollombi, Judith stayed at ‘Somewhere Unique’ and generously commented in our guest book that, “I’ve never encountered a better place to stay – a beautiful environment, brilliantly designed retreats and, best of all, outstanding care for your guests. Thank you for running a wonderfully welcoming facility, and for the excellent role you play in the local community”.

At ‘Somewhere Unique’ our goal is to provide guests with a luxury experience within a thriving culturally-active community. And so we encourage you to visit over the duration of this event, with the romance and luxury of ‘Somewhere Unique’ being further enhanced by these stunning sculptural works throughout the Valley that will intrigue, provoke and delight.

David & Murray