With only a relatively small population, the Wollombi Valley is fortunate to have a diversity of creative, artistic, and tourist-driven businesses. And ‘Where Pigs Fly’ Farm Sanctuary is one of the Valley’s most innovative and treasured ventures.

Sprawling over 100 acres of peaceful hillside, the sanctuary is a safe haven for farm animals that have been rescued from cruelty, abuse, and abandonment. The sanctuary is also committed to education and awareness-raising working to end the cruelty and suffering that factory farm animals continue to endure. Leaving their corporate careers behind, the owners established the not-for-profit farm with these admirable goals and a passion to make it work.

Although open days are held at the sanctuary every few months, recently a special open day was held to celebrate the second anniversary of the establishment of ‘Where Pigs Fly’. The open day was very popular, offering sanctuary tours, guest speakers, and delicious cruelty-free fare, and was attended by an enthusiastic and supportive crowd of locals and visitors to the Valley.

The guided tour involved a leisurely stroll around the property, with introductions to each of the animals while each of their histories was shared. Some of these stories are quite harrowing and reminded us that animal cruelty is still rife in many agricultural industries and some dark corners of the community.

At the sanctuary lives Harriet, a pig that was rescued in July 2014. She was born and raised in a factory farm, was taken from her mother too young, and when she arrived at the sanctuary was undernourished, scared, and sick. Thanks to the hard-workers at the sanctuary, Harriet is now a fully grown, healthy, and very happy pig.

On another part of the property lives Mick, an ex-racehorse who had won more than $200,000 and then was discarded by the racing industry when he no longer won races. Mick was rescued by the sanctuary and in doing so was saved from slaughter. He is now a happy, peaceful horse completely comfortable and relaxed in a home where he is properly cared for.

Such animals, and histories, are at the heart of ‘Where Pigs Fly’. To many visitors, such stories are a revelation as they realise that not all animal owners have proper respect for their pets. Animal cruelty is never acceptable and ‘Where Pigs Fly’ is leading the fight against such abhorrent practices.

All animals at the sanctuary are available for sponsorship, and donations are readily accepted. ‘Somewhere Unique’ proudly sponsors 5 of the animals at the sanctuary.

To donate or sponsor please go to: http://www.wherepigsfly.org/